A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Eden's Last Sunrise is a unique take on the traditional tactical RPG formula. Expect isometric gameplay, character jobs, mix-and-match abilities, branching storylines, and challenging battles - everything you'd expect from a 90s classic. Throw in an RPG-style AP system for taking your actions, weapons that change how your abilities behave, socializing with your allies, and a unique spin on equipment upgrading, and you have a tactical RPG experience that is both familiar and refreshing.

This prototype demo gives you a taste of combat with a single fixed battle and a handful of allies to control, and a small slice of the story.

You can control the entire game with the mouse, but a gamepad is supported, too. It's made with Unity, so a decent processor and video card is highly recommended. Check out the quick help guide if you want a deeper understanding of how to play, or just jump right in!

Install instructions

Extract the contents anywhere you like, and run the ELSDemo.exe executable inside of the unzipped folder.


ELSDemo.zip 106 MB
ELS Build.app.zip 121 MB